How to overcome challenges associated with your Internship Abroad

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From European internships we realize that interning abroad can be difficult and a challenging experience which can bring about issues. For this reason, we are here to help you to overcome any difficulties you might be facing whilst participating on your internship. We want your experience to be a genuinely rewarding and fulfilling experience as it should be, so we have tried to outline the most common issues and how to overcome them.

You are bored and have nothing to do?
You should never really find yourself bored on your internship and we can assure you that this problem can be easily overcome. All you need to do is talk to your boss or supervisor and ask for more work or anything else that needs doing. If this fails then try to take some initiative by for example reading articles or journals related to your field of interest and in this way you can offer your knowledge. If you are bored of trivial tasks then just say so and supplement this with a task which is more challenging for you. In many ways, employers want their interns to take an element of control over what they are doing and take some initiative.

You cannot communicate with your boss?
Communication is a hard skill to grasp and master and effective communication is learnt very often learnt on the internship and we can assure you that you will improve your communication skills on the program  Some of us are better at communicating than others and for those who find it hard, try to find other ways of communicating for example through email if you are better at written communication. 

It´s not what you expected?
It maybe that you had a pre-conceived idea as to what your internship was going to be like and in the end it didn´t fulfill your expectations. If you find yourself in this situation it´s very important to communicate with your boss or supervisor. Communication can be hard especially if this is in a different language in a foreign country and if you find yourself unable to communicate as effectively as if you were communicating in your mother tongue. Remember, that you can communicate via email if talking is too difficult but in the end face to face is the best. Employers respect interns who are able to communicate their needs and desires and this in its self is a skill which you will be developing throughout your time whilst undertaking your internship. 

After the first week you decide you don´t like it?
An internship in a foreign country is always going to be challenging and anything which is new is always going to be a little scary at first. From our experience, many of our participants feel dawned by it all during their first week and this is natural and you have to accept that this is going to be the case and after a few weeks you´ll gain more confidence as the work place becomes more familiar and the tasks your have to complete etc and then you will feel better able to cope and then start enjoying the experience. So we recommend that you give yourself some time before you decide that you are not happy and want to leave the program. 

You are really not happy with your internship?
If you find yourself in the situation where you are really not enjoying your internship then please contact European internships and they can help you to decide what your options are because there are always other options! It maybe that you can change your internship for example if you are on the hospitality management program you could change to another hotel in another location etc. Our internships are very flexible and we at European internships try to do our best to make sure that everyone is happy on their internship and get the best experience possible so if you are not happy then let us know! 

What is the specific issue?
At the same time it´s important to try to decipher what it is that you are not enjoying about your experience whether this is the country, the location of your internship, lack of friends and people to talk to perhaps from your own country, the internship program its self, the internship type or the language barrier. This is important for us to know because it will help us to solve the essential problem and then we can take the necessary steps to relieve the issue.

European Internships is here to help!
If you do experience or encounter any unexpected issues whilst you are undertaking your internship, then please remember that European internships is always here to help if you have troubles or queries, so do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, that if we are not aware of the problems then we cannot remedify them, so however small or trivial the problem may be, just contact us. 

How can you contact us?
Anyone who is participating on our programs is free to contact us via email at or contact the main office via phone on +34944167901. Also, you can take a look at our website which is that you can refer to to find out any information about your programme or new programmes that we are introducing and the latest news from European internships. 

From European internships we hope that you will enjoy your internship and gain a lot from your experience on any of our programs. However, if you do encounter any difficulties then please do not hesitate to contact us because we can help.

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