Applying for internship? Here are a few email etiquettes which will give you an edge above others

I am sure you must have seen so many articles floating online emphasizing on how to create first impression on the employer. However, how many have really read these articles?

Employers receive massive numbers of internship applications every week. The mere look at the resume & cover letter gives them an overview of the candidate’s seriousness and professionalism

Students forget that applying for an internship is as good as applying for a job. Your internship employer could be your future employer! The basic purpose of most companies hiring interns is to absorb the candidate as a permanent employee in future & hence it’s important to give your best during your internship


If you assume, that the employer may not take enough time to go through resume and I shall create an impression during the interview, you are wrong. At every step you are being evaluated.

So here are some easy tips on creating the first impression:

  • Invest time on creating a good resume. It’s but obvious, yet, many fail to understand the importance. If you do not have work experience being a fresher, you should know how to highlight your education & achievements
  • Adding a good passport size professional photograph, I reiterate- a professional photograph adds value to your resume. Adding simple border and using good decent fonts, highlighting the important things will certainly make your resume stand out from that of others
  • Those applying for internship in creative fields like advertising, architecture etc can show a glimpse of creativity while designing resume
  • A good cover letter. Most students fail to send a cover letter and feel a resume suffices. They assume the employer will understand & decide what the candidate desires. Remember cover letter should not be a replica of your resume. It should state why you wish to work with the Corporate you are applying to, what do you expect out of the internship, how can you contribute to the Company as an intern and last but not the least- why should they hire you?
  • All the documents should be in PDF  with a proper name to document enabling identification of document easy for the employer
  • Failing to draft a proper email body will lead to abortion of all your efforts and time invested in creating resume & cover letter.  Address the receiver of email with respect, give references if any. Mention about the purpose of email in 2 lines and request them to have a look at your attachments
  • The most important thing. Do not beg or plead for an internship. Remember that the companies are equally in need of good interns as much as you are in need of an internship.
  • Do not forget to mention your contact details & full name in your signature even if you have mentioned on your resume.

We hope this article will be of immense help to you and you shall keep in mind these important points when applying for internship in future .Some more tips on internship interview- pre & post preparations coming up soon.

 You can also share your views or tips if any !


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