Interning Abroad Could be Ideal for Students With International Aspirations!

Source: Us news university directory
By Chris Hassan
Posted March 15, 2013
Students may want to consider the benefits of international internships.Students may want to consider the benefits of international internships.

In a competitive job market, the more knowledge, skills and experience graduates of bachelor’s degree programs possess, the better-positioned they may be to excel in their careers. Whether individuals want to work in business or politics, international experience can help them better understand issues that will arise in a world where globalization is the norm.

College students who hope to one day work abroad or conduct business overseas may be attracted to the notion of studying abroad for at least a semester. However, this is not always the only option available to them, as they may be able to find an ideal international internship.

The Benefits of Interning Abroad
For students, participating in an international internship provides many of the same advantages as taking part in a study abroad program. There is the opportunity to experience everyday life in a foreign country, learn about and interact with people from another culture and step outside their comfort zones. However, as individuals hold temporary positions as interns, they also have a chance to further their knowledge in a field they hope to work in after earning their bachelor’s degree.

In some cases, becoming an international intern is just more appealing to students than interning at home. This was the case with Paul Dryden, who created an unpaid internship for himself at Universal Music’s office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while enrolled at Connecticut College, according to USA Today. For a summer, Dryden translated interviews with American rock stars for his non-English-speaking boss.

“In the U.S., I’ve done a lot of internships where interns do all the busywork – copying, stapling, the boring stuff,” Dryden told USA Today. “But in this position [in Argentina], I felt very valuable to the company.”

Tips for Prospective International Interns
According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, many college students and graduates are heading overseas to continents like Asia for internships due to the struggling American economy. Anyone who wants to do likewise should make sure they are carefully planning for their time abroad to give themselves the best chance of having a rewarding experience.

USA Today College advises future international interns to research the professional culture in their host country to ensure they fit in. If a students’ destination country is not English-speaking, they are also going to want to brush up on their foreign language skills, as not everybody they work with is likely to be bilingual. Perhaps most importantly, students should be ready to tackle whatever challenges arise so they make the most of their international experience.


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