Pre-Interview Checklist!

Here is a small Pre-Interview Checklist:

So you have created the desired impression via your resume & cover letter. You have been shortlisted for an interview. Now what next?

Internship interviews are not something you should waltz into unprepared. If your attitude is, “This interview is no big deal. If I don’t get this internship, I’ll just get the next one,” you’re in for a world of hurt. Even the most charming candidate will seem lame compared to one who is professional and totally prepared.

What you do BEFORE the interview will have a powerful impact on how well you perform DURING the interview.



Step 1: Company Website:

(Knowing as much as possible about the potential employer would definitely help you in answering the interviewer’s questions. You should scan the potential employer`s website thoroughly and understand about their work profile)

Step 2: Preparing answers to the most probable questions.

Below are some of the probable questions that the employer may ask you; these are common questions that employers are known to put forth to interns to assess profile and the level of interest in internship. Hence, suggest you to be prepared with answers to ensure the interview is smooth and the outcome is positive.

Note: Employer could also ask you questions which are not mentioned below.

1. Please tell me something about yourself.

2. Please tell me about the educational background in detail.

3. What do you know about our company?

4. Why do you want to do an internship with our company?

5. How can you benefit / contribute to the progress of our company. (Your Strengths)

6. Please tell me something about your weakness/ shortcomings

7. Do you think, would to able to manage working in India and with Indians.

Step 3: Thank you email.

(Post interview you should prepare a thank you email for the employer, mentioning other points which you think you missed to tell the employer while the interview was going on. If you have an Internship Coordinator, you should forward it to him/ her so that he/she will forward it to the concerned employer)

Step 4: Feed Back Email.

(This email should be sent to the Internship coordinator if any, explaining about the interview and its feedback). Just follow these few steps and you are sure to bag the desired internship opportunity. Some more exciting stuff on what to do and not to do as intern coming up soon!


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