Why would you do an internship abroad?

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Cara International

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Nowadays, in order to get the job, it’s not enough just to possess a degree, you also need good experience! That’s why we believe that doing an internship abroad can boost your curriculum vitae and improve your chances for getting the job you want. There is much more to doing an internship…


A lot of students find it difficult when they find themselves in the labor market. Twenties years old graduate with no work experience – not exactly what employer is searching for. Let’s face it, in these days almost no one is willing to give graduates a chance until they’ve got experience. But with no one willing to give you a chance you’ve got no hope of getting any experience! That’s why we believe an internship might be just a thing you need, while it can give you a way out of this frustrating loop, allowing you to get lots of experience that your future employers will appreciate.


But as we said, there is many more that you can obtain by doing the internship abroad beside high-quality work experience. Unlike a domestic internship, you will gain global skills and have experiences that will truly set you apart from other graduates. The value of an international internship is best described as a “whole-person development” opportunity because of the growth you will experience both professionally and personally. We will try to explain that in the paragraphs below…

…Grow your “soft skills”…


 Employers often complain about graduates coming out of university lacking “soft skills”, meaning they have problems interacting with people in a work setting. “Soft skills” are the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. So by doing an internship you will be able to prove your potential employer that you can cope with cultural and language (if you decide to go abroad) barriers to successfully work with others.

…Increase your self-esteem!…


Job interviews can be pretty scary right? And so can be facing a huge office full of rowdy coworkers! So look at the internship as on good training for your interviews back home. By taking on a huge challenge abroad it’ll make those job interviews look like a doddle – and if you seem confident in an interview – people will think you’re confident and competent enough to take on the job!

…You can take the initiative!…


Sitting around at home watching daytime TV, hanging around with your friends and doing nothing is not going to make a big impression on employer and will definitely not land you the job of your dreams! By peeling yourself off the sofa and doing an internship, you’ll show future employers that you’re the kind of person who makes opportunities for themselves, and not the one who just sits back and waits for things to fall in his lap.

…Time to decide what you want to do!…


By doing an internship (especially if you go abroad) you will have a chance to take a breath after the rush of exams (and parties!) that characterize finishing university, allowing you to decide what’s important to you and what you want out of life. You might have had your heart set on being a journalist, but after a stint workings on a paper decide it’s not for you. Better to find out whether you enjoy it or not early on in your career before you end up trapped in a job you don’t like!

…Become more independent!…


Going abroad for longer period, especially if you go to county with different culture and language, will definitely help you to become more independent. You will be alone in a foreign country so you will have to learn how to cope with different “problems”. Your mum won’t be there for you, so you will be the one who will do all housework. If nothing else, you will improve your cooking skills, finding accommodation will improve your negotiation skills, doing grocery will help you to learn how to manage your money through the month, etc. Doing all these things will help you become a more independent person which will help you later in life.

…Discover new country and friends!…


When we said you will obtain much more, we had in mind an adventure of your life. It’s not all about working and learning new things. Living and working abroad will also give you time to travel around the country. These travels will be filled with exciting new sights, people and experience. You will discover a new way of life and make friends that you will have for a lifetime.

Although a summer internship is the most common program, you may consider taking a semester off from traditional classes to enhance your professional development, or complete an internship abroad after you graduate to give you that immediate edge upon returning home and seeking your first job. And remember; interning abroad lends a real-world understanding of diversity and multiculturalism, which cannot always be achieved through travel and study alone!!!


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Edulab is an endeavor by Edutrotters Private Limited which is modeled for individuals who understand the importance of being a global citizen. We are profit organization with underlining social objectives, to provide intercultural learning and career solutions. What others consider as cultural gaps we see them as opportunities to Experience, Learn and Grow. Our Mission ‘To help people gain international learning experience, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.’ For any queries write to us: info@edulab.in

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