Employers oppose J-1 reform

WYSE Work Abroad

Hundreds of foreign students come to the Dells each year to fill out the summer work force. Many pay fees to get the jobs, a practice that would be banned under the proposed immigration bill.

Provisions aimed at preventing trafficking of low-wage workers — tucked into the sweeping immigration reform bill — threaten to wipe out the system that brings in foreign college students to work at the Wisconsin Dells, resort operators and student sponsors say.

An anti-human trafficking provision in the immigration bill would prevent foreign labor contractors from charging fees to the workers they bring in, and another provision would institute a new $500 fee per worker to help pay for stepped-up security on the Mexican border, said Michael McCarry, executive director of the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange in Washington, D.C.

That would mean sponsoring organizations — both businesses and non-profit organizations — would no…

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