Nokia’s Internships Lens uses AR to help find your next unpaid college gig

By Timothy J. Seppala posted Sep 24th, 2013 at 9:00 AM


DNP Nokia's Internship Lens uses AR to find tktk of your dreams, or not

Finding a college internship that isn’t soul-draining can be tough, but Nokia wants to help with that. Today, the Finnish company is announcing a joint effort to release Internships Lens, an app that leverages augmented reality and your social circles to point you toward the nearest gig that hopefullypays more than just school credit. It’s similar to JobLens in that it displays employment info over the top of wherever your Lumia’s camera is looking — again using LiveSight tech — and is exclusive to Nokia’s line of Windows Phone 8 handsets. What’s more, you can research an employer from within the app, which could calm those pre-interview jitters. If you still need a ‘ship for the upcoming winter semester, maybe this could help.

Burbank, California  –, the world’s largest internship marketplace and a division of CareerArc Group, today announced that it has partnered with Nokia to power Internships Lens, an exclusive application for Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the United States. The application enables college students and recent graduates to discover and apply for more than 75,000 internships, entry-level and part-time jobs from more than 40,000 companies that list opportunities with

Today, youth unemployment in the United States is running at more than double the national average and an estimated 54% of recent college graduates find themselves either jobless or underemployed. As a result, college students and graduates are increasingly turning to internships as their pathway to employment given that seven out of every ten turn into full-time jobs. Internships Lens provides students and graduates with a powerful mobile application to find an internship and advance their path to employment right from their smartphone.

The Internships Lens app works by connecting a user’s social networks to open positions sourced from and then showing who in that network can connect the user to the job and hiring manager. It also allows the user to discover job locations via HERE Maps and with augmented reality technology that enables users to see jobs through the camera lens. In addition, the app gives job seekers tools to research potential employers so they can go into interviews with confidence.

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