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Recently I had the joy (insert sarcasm here) of prepping for the ISU internship fair. As a junior and a business major, taking advantage of this opportunity was vital to my success post-graduation time. When I graduate from ISU, I would like to go straight into a job. Luckily, I have plenty of time to work on this process. And thankfully, I have slowly worked on this process step by step. Nothing would be worse than waiting until the last minute to find a job or internship that you so desperately need. Yet despite my preparation, I found myself stressing a little. I have only just begun with my research and applying for internships. There is still much more to do and plenty of months to do it in. For those of you who are interested, most likely upperclassman, you might find this blog post helpful in the future with your internship and career search. Here was my approach for ISU’s fall internship fair.

First, I waited for the ISU career center to post the list of companies that were going to be attending the fall internship fair. At that point, I went through the list, finding the companies that were looking for interns for my major, marketing. Next, I briefly looked over all the companies to see what they were all about and what their intern programs entailed. I then was able to narrow my list down to five companies of my choice that I could see myself a part of. From there, I familiarized myself with the companies and wrote out what each company did, as well as other aspects about the company that I admired, like volunteerism and philanthropy. At that point, I had my top companies and knew a little bit about them. This might sound simple, but if you do it right it takes time to read through all this information.

Next, was all about me. I assembled a current resume. I already had one, but needed to update it. I had someone read it over to check spelling errors and such. Next, was writing up a short bio about myself that I could reference during the interview process. I wrote a generic bio that I could use for all my company interviews. In it, I told the recruiters about myself and how I saw myself contributing to their organization. Finally, the last thing was finding the right outfit. A suit for guys and girls is a great choice–makes you look professional! If you can do all that, you can look the part and have the knowledge needed to succeed.

The last thing was to familiarize myself with all the information I had collected and to remind myself that there was no need to be nervous. Some of us become anxious when we go to an interview or speak in front of a group. I have had a lot of practice interviewing for various things the past couple years, so I was feeling pretty confident. Confidence is key. ISU has provided us with the tools. Now we just have to go out there and utilize them. As long as you manage your time, connect with recruiters and do your homework, most of us will land that internship or job with no problem.

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