Trends and Challenges of Campus Hiring Deciphered

By SiliconIndia  |   Tuesday, 08 October 2013, 05:59 Hrs


Bangalore: Campus hiring seems to defy all odds and emerge as the most effective medium for employers to screen for raw talent. Take a look at the trends and challenges that transpired during campus recruitment this placement season, as listed by the Economic Times.

Trends: The Current Approach

1. Remote Campus Recruiting Program

In a world, where time and money are the most valuable things in the eyes of employers, remote campus recruitment program is growing in popularity. Thanks to its time and cost saving features, the program has spread like a wild fire and has become a top trend that eliminates the need to visit colleges.

By incorporating this program, recruiters can carry out internal pre-qualifiers and zero-in on genuinely interested candidates at an accelerated pace.


2. Campus Referrals

This is another trend that is swiftly gaining recognition. Like their working counterparts, college students are well-versed and well-connected on social media, and employers are using this network while snooping for potential candidates. Recruiters are opting to use this model to get referrals from employees, interns and recent college hires.


3. College Employer Branding

Indulging in targeted college employment branding is one of the most effective branding strategies that are prevalent among corporate world.This trend is essential for deeper penetration in the campus.

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