UCS international housing no longer mandatory

Source: YaleDaily News

Photo by YDN.
For the first time since Undergraduate Career Services began sponsoring international internships, participating students will have the option to arrange their own housing this summer.

In prior years, any student who accepted a UCS-sponsored internship overseas was required to live in housing that the office had procured for interns in the area. University administrators interviewed said the office decided to eliminate the housing requirement this year primarily in response to student criticism that the existing policy was too inflexible. UCS employees added that changing this policy also enabled the office to expand its international offerings for this summer to countries where it may have been too difficult for the University to guarantee housing.

“Even if some students had family in the area, according to the old policy, they still had to live in and pay for Yale housing,” UCS Director Jeanine Dames said. “This shift is intended to empower students who, for whatever reason, think they can find better housing through other avenues.”

Kenneth Koopmans, Director of Employment Programs and Deputy Director of UCS, said the new policy has helped the office add internship opportunities in nine new countries — Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Jordan, South Africa and South Korea.

In the nine new countries, Koopmans said UCS will not offer any housing for students this summer, because it was difficult for UCS to find residential spaces that fit all of the office’s criteria and were large enough to accommodate all the interns.

“I think most students would prefer having internship opportunities in these countries even if it meant having to find housing on their own as opposed to not having these opportunities at all,” he said.

But even in international locations where UCS does not provide optional housing, Dames said the office will work extensively with local alumni and employers to help students find housing in safe and central locations with easily accessible public transportation.

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