9 Ways you are failing at your Internship.


Since one of the cardinal triumphs of furnishing an internship is securing a job, it’s imperative to know what employers gaze for when probing the ideal person for the job. Making a good sway is important but even more important is doing the virtuous things that employers will sing you kudos and replenish excellent references whether you immune a job with the company you interned for or if you seek full-time employment elsewhere. Since internships customarily only last for several months, it’s imperative that you keep your eye on the destination and not get yourself off target. Make your internship reckoning with these 9 tips on speaking up, balancing your time, and confessing when you’re in over your head.


1. You think you are above the work and avoid menial tasks


Always rise to challenges and never turn down a task. Remember that every task is important and that some assignments are just a test. Even if your first task isn’t worthy of your aptness or potential, dive right in and be interested. Remember, every task frames upon the last, so if you do a mediocre job on the lucid things, then there is no way your boss will avail you walk up to the stuffed projects. You’ll have to jaunt a bit before they let you stride.

2. You don’t know the company


Being unprepared and lack of research before you start your internship will just make it effortful for you when the time comes for you to complete your first assignment. Make it a point to do analysis and learn all you can about the company and the industry. Being prepared and doing your research before you start your internship will help you know more about the company culture and your work. So before you head out the door for your first day at the office, here are some things to do ahead of time.

a. Know the company background and basics  Research the company history so you have a lump of background knowledge on when it was created, how its products or clients have evolved and what successful campaigns they have had in the past. Researching the basics will show that you are dedicated to the company and have a literal passion in getting to know the people in it. Your knowledge will glitz through on your first day when you understand the company’s mission before it’s even told to you!

b. Familiarise yourself with the company’s online presence – Dip into the company’s website and Google the company name so you are regularly up-to-date on the latest information regarding the company. Start trailing the company on all of their social media channels so you can learn the company culture and get a glimpse into the inside happenings of the company before you are thrown into the mix.

c. Know the office dress code  Every office has its own dress code, so make sure you understand exactly what that is. At a boutique creative agency, it’s probably more occasional, while at a corporate office, business dress is probably the pike to go. When in qualm, err on the side of heed. It’s always appropriate to be over dressed than under dressed!


3. You waltz in 20 minutes late


Showing up tardy for work or to meeting, shows you’re not sterling, and could leave a bad impact with your employer. As a professional intern, you will want to adhere closely to the rules and regulations of the employer. If the workday begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4:30 pm, the employer will not appreciate someone who comes in at 8:45 am and leaves by 4 pm. So always be on time and be eager to work and learn more as it shows that you are disciplined and committed towards your company and work.

4. You don’t speak

You may feel hesitant because you are younger and less experienced than everyone else but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have great ideas. Just because you are an intern doesn’t mean you don’t have brisk ideas. . Raise your voice and notion at meetings and introduce yourself to the staff. You can offer plans and it is always a positive flash to express yourself. It helps you to learn more about your own idea and also about other solutions.

5. You’re involved in gossip

5th way you are failing at your internship

Don’t gossip. Word gets around fleetly, you are not there to gossip or start rumors. Run clear of any conflicts in the office and respect confidentiality. Don’t over-discuss politics and your opinions on your internship site. Focus on making a positive impact.

6. You lie and don’t deliver


You should be able to confidently talk about your deftness and construe how you will use your knowledge during the internship. It is not sane to lie about your skills as missing a deadline because you lied about your skills will look worse than admitting you’re not qualified but willing to learn .For example, don’t say that you have expertise of Adobe Photoshop when you’ve only used it to prepare a photo or haven’t used it at all. If you have some experience in a certain field, but you’re far from feeling eloquent with the tool, notify that to the employer and explain how you’re willing to learn more. Also, not clinching up an assignment on time shows your employer a lack of commitment and that you’re not a hard worker. Always finish your work before the deadlines to show you have good time management skills and that you’re committed to the job.

     7. You never ask questions or ask too many questions.

You never ask friends

It’s okay to be in a quandary about what you’re supposed to be doing, but refusing to study is a complete loss of an internship. Asking questions shows that you are enticed. Carry around a notepad so you can write down relevant info you learn about your workplace. It’s a given, you’ll have questions in your new stint, but instead of bombarding your boss every 10 minutes, first take a juncture to visualize about whether there’s any way you can find the answers on your own. After this, if there are still some questions you simply couldn’t get answers to; create a list to bring into your boss. This will show your dexterity to problem solve and be cognizant of their time.

8. Poor time management skills


When everyone in the organization is given an hour for lunch, it will not go well with management or your co-workers when you continually take an hour and a half before you return for the afternoon. Proper time management is a sign of responsibility and ripeness. In addition to work hours it is important to prioritize your time when it comes to completing projects. If you are given a series of discordant tasks, it will be your job to compile them in order to get each one done on time. You may need to have a colloquy with your supervisor who will be agile to help you prioritize which tasks are the most exigent ones to complete first. Being adroit to communicate with your direct supervisors will help you to dodge many frays that could arise in the future.

9.  You never follow up

You never follow-up

The first thing an intern should do once their internship is over is to send a thank you note to their supervisor and anyone else who played a crucial role in making their internship successful. Keeping in brush with these contacts once you return to college is also a great essence to help nurture important contacts and to keep abreast of future openings to which you may entitle. Completing an internship and never embracing out again nails down your squeak of a good berth in that company.

The best part about internships, though is that they are a great time for mistakes. It is always important to learn from mistakes and when you understand the importance of becoming a successful intern, you will be well on your way to discover what it takes to becoming a valued employee or entrepreneur that can then lead you to success!


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