National Institute Ranking Framework – Progressive or Regressive ?


As we move into a interconnected and interlinked world, we would like our institutions of higher education to be the same way. As we all hear and see Mark Zuckerberg describe the phenomenal growth of Facebook, Whats app and Instagram at his F8 conference, we ponder with thoughts of what future in stores for our young mind. He spelled our the vision for the company and where he sees the technology evolving in the next years. .In case you missed to watch his conference talk here is the link:

While we look and understand the dynamics the Ministry of HRD in India released its framework for ranking Indian institutes. Though its a great step forward and has taken us decades to build such a list the yardsticks to measure might be off target by a big margin. The methodology adopted to rank these institutions is questionable and needs some discussion.

The methodology clearly showcases that Outreach and Inclusivity id just 15% of overall ranking. Further in we deep dive into the methodology we realize that there is already a distinction made between the A and B league institutes. Out of the 15 percent only 25% of that (which is close to 3.7%) is for percentage of students from other states and countries. It gets further tricky when we look at reports and analyze the mathematical formula used to get to an answer of how much does it equate to

A League Institutes:

B League Institutes:

So as per the calculation it is just 7 percent of the allocated 3.7%. So basically we are talking of 0.3% percent importance given to global initiatives taken by our institutes.

Being a young nation looking inclusive may not solve our problem. We may end up having graduate who think linear and are not ready to take global jobs or build global corporations. As we look at our Prime Minister @Narendra Modi who is just doing such a fantastic job of marketing brand India why are we not looking at higher education to support his global ambitions. Is our HRD ministry sending wrong signal and wrong focus points to our great institutions to look inwards.

I for one have my bets that we need to make our frameworks much stronger and apt. We need to start aligning our institutions to global standards and one of the best ways of doing that is to get students who expect and want global education and look at India in positive light.They may look at Indian market for their innovations or may work for Indian corporates and bring Brand India further. As we speak our neighbors are taking progressive step to further enhance their internationalization plan:

Countries where English is not the first language are doing better than us in terms of number of international students. Its time we change our thoughts and vision of Higher Ed inclusiveness and make “World” as our market and not just different states of India.

We hope our policy makers look at what our the aspirations of our youth and act in sync with them. We are at important juncture and with our Prime minister really taking our Brand globally we hope other departments follow and make it impactful for our campuses.



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